[Image-SIG] building PIL in Snow Leopard

Jack Uretsky jlu at hep.anl.gov
Sun Jun 20 01:57:57 CEST 2010

 	When I do "python setup.py buil_ext -i"
 	The response starts with
I am following the README that comes with PIL 1.1.7
I get the following, when  I do "python setup.py build_ext -i
(I note the "please check your xcode installation"..I reinstalled in from
the Snow Leopard disk

MacOS/Python: can't open file 'setp.py': [Errno 2] No such file or 
Macintosh-2:Imaging-1.1.7 jackuretsky$ python setup.py build_ext -i
running build_ext
--- using frameworks at /System/Library/Frameworks
building '_imaging' extension
Compiling with an SDK that doesn't seem to exist:
and, sure enough, there is no MacOSX10.4u.sdk in my SDK directory.
Something that i am invoking seems out of date becouse Snow Leopard
is MACOSX 10.6, which I've just updated to 10.4
 		Any insights?

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