[Image-SIG] window 7 and PIL 1.1.7

Ed Cormier ecormier137 at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 14 10:39:31 CET 2010

If I remember rightly, you need to add a link to python.exe to your PATH 

Try Start Icon -> Right click on "Computer"
and go to Advanced System Settings.

Then go to "Environment Variables" on the Advanced Tab.
Find "Path" in the list of system variables at the bottom and add a link 
to the python.exe file at the end.

Hope you find it.
Another Edward.
> I just got a new windows 7 machine. I installed python 2.6 and it
> works just fine. I downloaded the PIL 1.1.7 installer and I get the
> following error "python 2.6 required, which was not found in the
> registry." Any ideas?
> Edward
> Unicorn School

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