[Image-SIG] PIL bug. decodestring

echowit at aol.com echowit at aol.com
Sat Feb 5 00:10:38 CET 2011

Am trying out PIL 1.1.7 w/ Py 3.1.2 and had a draw.text problem.  To wit:  something ref'ing ImageFont.py about 'decodestring' being depreciated.  Replaced ~string w/ 'decodebytes' in lines 261 and 353 and all is well.

"decodestring" also appears in a text string in lines 386 & 388 but, of course, doesn't mess anything up but the meaning of the message, wherever it may appear.  .. if it appears, have yet to see it.

 PIL is fantastically easy to use and seems very powerfull so far.  I'm basically a numbers guy so am real weak at output formatting etc..

So researching various plot & picture add-ons had me in dread -- can they devise schema any more complicated than the current direction -- package 1 to mod the data, add-on 2 to format for screen or file, module X to actually output it.  Then buy the viewer!

G**d G*d, it's only 2-dimensions.

In other words, I like what you've done with this.  Looking forward to 1.2.  Please remember us 3.1.. Py types.

Larry Rochester
aka, echowit at aol.com  

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