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Dave Braze braze at haskins.yale.edu
Thu Feb 10 17:12:49 CET 2011

Glad it was helpful. Another search of my not terribly well organized bookmarks 
turned up


both of which seem to be opensource.


On 2:59 PM, Allen.Windhorn at emerson.com wrote:
> Dave,
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> From: Dave Braze [mailto:braze at haskins.yale.edu]
>> Maybe this will help (although I've not actually used it):
>> http://datathief.org/
>> In the past I've done a similar thing using GSview and Ghostscript,
>> which worked but was fairly tedious.
> Thanks!  That works pretty well, even for the graph with grid (with
> a little help from the operator).  I wish it were open-source so I
> could tweak it (and written in Python, of course), but it will do
> the job.
> Regards,
> Allen


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