[Image-SIG] PIL on Python 3?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Jan 7 17:32:02 CET 2011

2010/12/18 Rohan Pai <rohanpai12 at gmail.com>:
> The current version of PIL I installed is version 1.1.7 for Python 2.6, and
> when I try to run it on Python 3, it doesn't work. I know the syntaxes like
> print "Hello World" and raw_input() are actually print ("Hello World") and
> input(). I don't know the other syntaxes that have changed, but if you can't
> figure them out either, then you should try using lib2to3 to convert PIL's
> Python 2 code to Python 3 code.

Well, it's a bit harder than that: PIL depends heavily on binary
string processing, which is one of the things that has undergone big
changes in Python 3.  There are a few manual ports out there, and I
just submitted a bunch of changes to trunk that make PIL's Python code
build and install cleanly under 2.3-3.2 (even if the functionality
under 3.X is rather limited at this point...).


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