[Image-SIG] Trouble with Python Path

Rodrigo Queluz rodrigoqluz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 16:47:17 CET 2011


I'm having a problem with the instalation of *Python Imaging Library 1.1.7
for Python 2.6*
<http://effbot.org/downloads/PIL-1.1.7.win32-py2.6.exe> (Windows

He don't recognize where Python is installed in my computer. It's not
installed in C:/ as usual, but in D:/

Hope hear from you soon!!

best regards,
Rodrigo Celestino Queluz

Cell Phone: +55 19 9228 7842
Skype: rodrigo.queluz

4ª Turma Informática Biomédica (Biomedic Informatic)
USP - Ribeirão Preto (University of Sao Paulo)
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