[Image-SIG] PIL and converting an image to and from a string value

Chris Hare Chare at labr.net
Fri Apr 27 13:28:11 CEST 2012

Here is what I am trying to:

the application user chooses an image file.  I want to store the image data in a field in a sqlite database.  My understanding from the reading I have done is that I have to convert the image data into a string , which I can then store in the database.  Additionally, I need to be able to take the stored image data and convert it back to an image  so I can display it in a canvas widget.  I am using the python imaging library

I think I have the following parts correct:

image = Image.open("cover.jpg")
image = image.resize((150,150),Image.ANTIALIAS)
png = image.tostring("PNG")

I am taking the image data from the file, resizing the image, and then using the PNG coder to force it into a PNG format image and converting it to a string.

I am stuck however, in figuring out how to take the string data and converting it back to an image that I can put into the canvas widget.  Either I am not finding a good explanation of how to do this or I am just not understanding what I am finding:-)

Any ideas are appreciated!


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