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On 8/9/12 8:12 PM, eric soroos wrote:
> On 08/09/2012 10:08 AM, Alex Clark wrote:
>> IIUC, pil-2009-raclette contains quite a bit of new development. So if
>> folks don't want to wait for a release, they can open tickets and send
>> patches to Pillow to get them out the door. This especially includes
>> the need to address Python 3 compat. Here is the current Pillow home:
>> - https://github.com/python-imaging
> I've got some patches against PIL 1.1.7 to do group 4 tiff decoding and
> (experimental) group 4 tiff encoding.
> https://github.com/wiredfool/Python-Imaging-Library-G4-Tiff-Support
> These are a total rewrite of the original patch that hit the Image-SIG
> list in July 2003, which never made it into the PIL distribution, since
> in Fredrik's words:
>> The patch depended on too many libtiff internals for me to feel
>> confident that it was a good idea to add it to PIL's standard
>> distribution;
> After digging through the patch when builds failed against newer
> versions of libtiff, I concur.  I've rewritten it so that all operations
> go through the public libtiff interfaces.
> I'd love to see this make it into any of the currently developed versions.

Can you fork Pillow, make the changes, and send a pull request on GitHub?

Originally Pillow was a packaging fork, however I feel OK about making 
imaging code changes, as long as there is an upstream bug report 
referenced in the pull request.


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