[Image-SIG] Pillow: the "unfriendly" fork?

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Thu Dec 20 20:00:29 CET 2012


I'm trying to mentally prepare for adding Python 3 support to Pillow 
before PyCon 2013. To do so, I plan to review the work that has been 
done here:

- https://github.com/fluggo/Pillow

Then merge and release.

Until this point, we've been attempting to track changes via "upstream" 
tickets in the hope that one day there'd be a new PIL release and we'd 
stop Pillow development. However I now suspect that the more likely 
scenario is that we will have to declare at some point that Pillow is 
"the unfriendly PIL fork", meaning that we will not continue to track 
changes in Pillow along with the "upstream" changes in PIL.

Does this sound reasonable? I think the "best" time to do this would be 
with the addition of Python 3 support to Pillow, along with a 
corresponding significant release number change e.g. "Pillow 2.0.0 (now 
with Python 3 support)"

Of course, we could consider Python 3 support as another change to 
track upstream with PIL. But quite frankly, I'm tired of the additional 
maintenance burden, and would now prefer to simply encourage bug fixes 
and releases without the additional task of being "friendly" to PIL.



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