[Image-SIG] Patch - read support for Adobe Filmstrip (.flm) files

Matt Westcott matt at west.co.tt
Mon Jan 2 03:23:50 CET 2012

I recently found myself needing to process some Adobe Filmstrip (.flm) files with PIL. This format was apparently introduced with Adobe Premiere, and is described here: http://www.compuphase.com/filmstrp.htm
It's a remarkably simple format (consisting of a sequence of uncompressed RGBA images along with a fixed 36-byte header at the end), and so I've put together a straightforward file decoder plugin to provide read-only support for the format - I hope this will be useful to others. You can find a sample .flm file here (zipped), for testing: http://zxdemo.org/extra/Matthew.flm.zip

The 'open' method sets the following info properties:
frame_count - number of images in the sequence
fps - frame rate specified by the file, in frames per second
The 'seek' and 'tell' methods are implemented for moving between frames - random access is supported.

Kind regards,
- Matt Westcott

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