[Image-SIG] error: conflicting types for ‘ImagingJpegDecode’ while installing PIL on Mac OS

Steve Strassmann steve at strassmann.com
Tue Jan 17 06:38:26 CET 2012

Well, I might have been a bit too quick to celebrate.

It's true that MacPorts installs PIL successfully on Mac OS. I can run my (simple newbie) app
running the MacPort Python 2.7 that gets created. The problem is that my Tk windows
are now all X11-styled, which is very unfriendly to Mac users. Using macports:

$ /opt/local/bin/python2.7
>>> from Tkinter import Tk
>>> Tk().tk.call('tk', 'windowingsystem')

Using the native Mac python environment gives me nice spiffy Mac-native windows, but no Imaging:

$ /usr/bin/python
>>> from Tkinter import Tk
>>> Tk().tk.call('tk', 'windowingsystem')

I tried simply copying the macports site-packages/PIL over to my native site-packages,
but running that crashes Tk.

How can I get a working python environment with Imaging that lets me create Tk apps
with the mac aqua GUI enabled?


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