[Image-SIG] using PIL's split command with color jpg file .. help for color jpg file

jasonzz at earthlink.net jasonzz at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 14 19:03:14 CET 2012

I'm using python 2.7 with PIL 1.1.7.

I figure out how to work with black and white .jpg files.  

I ended up writing a bunch of programs to do some very interesting/cool image process effects as to learn more about image process. 
I own a small number of books on the topic of image process and have done some imagine programming in PASCAL and C
in the past too.  

I'm using PIL software to read in the .jpg files & simple functions and then writing my own image processing functions/programs 
as learning process for developing my skills for work.  I have used some of PIL's image process routines provided as well.

I'm now wanting to be able to do the same thing with color jpg files.

But I'm running into problems using the split function. The program quits on the command line
having to do with split function and the error is about no bands defined.

Can some body please provided a simple working program that show uses the split function 
as to access the 3 colors of a .jpg file.  I have looked at the PIL hand book but the information 
appears to be incomplete at this time for using split function.  

I get much mileage out of studying a good sample but simple program that shows the interaction of the functions 
required to do a given task and/or process.  

I notice the PIL web site appears to provide NO sample programs to study and play with at this time.

I'll be game to provide some of the programs that I came up working with BW .jpg files. 



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