[Import-sig] Re: Long-awaited imputil comments

Fredrik Lundh Fredrik Lundh" <effbot@telia.com
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:59:15 +0100

Gordon wrote:
> Java doesn't do it.


> You can already do it if you install source, then archive it,=20
> leaving the __file__ attribute alone - IDLE / Pythonwin will pop=20
> up the source.

pythonworks users install pythonworks in a directory of their
own choosing.  they don't necessarily install source, archive it,
and keep the source files around in the file system.

> Nobody sane is going to put code under active development in=20
> an archive.

I didn't say that, did I?  Just said that *I* thought
it was a good idea ;-)

(if it makes you feel better about the idea, replace
the word "archive" with "database").

> Yeah, it can be supported, but Pythonworks is the only people=20
> who are going to use it, and the mad scientist can code it up=20
> in 10 minutes ;-).=20

sure, but then he has to ship a custom python library (and
a custom interpreter, for that matter).