[Import-sig] Imputil

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:11:30 +0100

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> > Changing cPickle.c doesn't help here: the PyImport_ImportModule()
> > API would have to be made __import__ aware to fix this problem
> > because a lot of Python code including the core itself uses
> > this more direct import API.
> any reason cPickle.c cannot just use PyImport_Import
> instead of PyImport_ImportModule?

Sure, but what about all the other instances where 
PyImport_ImportModule() is used instead of PyImport_Import() ?

Just fixing cPickle.c won't help much -- we'd need a more generic
change to make Python fully imputil aware. Perhaps we could
redirect PyImport_ImportModule() to PyImport_Import() with some
extra logic to make it work during the interpreter startupo phase


BTW, while looking around in Modules/ I found some really old
code in cStringIO.c which should probably be updated to the
new string methods:

static char O_writelines__doc__[] =
"writelines(sequence_of_strings): write each string";
static PyObject *
O_writelines(Oobject *self, PyObject *args) {
        PyObject *tmp = 0;
        static PyObject *string_joinfields = 0;

        UNLESS (PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "O:writelines", &args)) return NULL;

        if (!string_joinfields) {
                UNLESS (tmp = PyImport_ImportModule("string")) return NULL;
                string_joinfields=PyObject_GetAttrString(tmp, "joinfields");
                UNLESS (string_joinfields) return NULL;

        if (PyObject_Size(args) < 0) return NULL;

        tmp = PyObject_CallFunction(string_joinfields, "Os", args, "");
        UNLESS (tmp) return NULL;

        args = Py_BuildValue("(O)", tmp);
        UNLESS (args) return NULL;

        tmp = O_write(self, args);
        return tmp;

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