[Inpycon] Opinions needed : Sponsorship requrements

Ramdas S ramdaz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 23:00:14 CEST 2009

> BTW, expect for Ramdas, who said this is norm, I do not find anyone
> aware or agreeing to this policies, so far.

Let me clarify. I have never been involved with any community/open source
conference, and all I have been involved have been commercial conferences,
and as far as I remember, most sponsors insist on the delegate details to
maximize the bucks they spend. Of course sometimes we charge extra for the
information and that's purely the organizer's business.

Ultimately commercial conferences organized by some of us are meant for
profit, and it creates employment for many people, unlike a voluntary
attempt like Pycon India.

It's really a community call and all I said was I am OK with delegate
details including whatever details I might fill up be made available to
everyone. This is just my personal suggestion, and I respect that others
might feel that have their details available to a sponsor might be a breach
of privacy.

The idea behind some of us taking part in a conference like this is to meet
and network with other Pythonistas may be to employ them or be employed, or
purely learn from others. And unless the sponsor is some credit
card/insurance company (which I hope it's not), I see no reason why someone
is not OK in receiving an email or two.

Please note that in a paid conference (ie when you are taking more than 1
rupee from a person to attend the conference), the delegate is free to fill
up only the details he or she wants to fill up or fill up whatever they want
to. May be you dont want to give your phone number or email id, dont give it
or even can attend the conference under an incognito.

But whatever be the policy we'll need to make it clear to both sponsors,
delegates and other stake holders. Transparency is very important, and the
delegates must be made fully aware in advance that the delegate list will be
shared with sponsor(s), so they can choose to fill the delegate form
accordingly. Well, that's if we take a call on sharing information.

To avoid further tansgression over this topic, Noufel, perhaps you can
advise us what are the chances of getting enough sponsorships without making
too much of commitments.

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