[Inpycon] T-shirt sizes

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 08:08:34 CEST 2009

Hello everyone,
   There was a point that missed my completely. T-shirt sizes. Not all
people are emaciated like me so we'll need multiple sizes.

   We're ordering around 350. I think most people are medium/large.
We'll also need a few XL and XXL and maybe XXXL. I don' tknow if we'll
need small.

   Let's say 35% medium, 35% large, 20% XL, 5% XXL, 5% XXXL.

   This translates into 123, 122, 70, 18, 18

   Do you think this is fine?

   In addition to this, some of the sponsors (I'll send details once
we confirm and close the deals) have asked for some extra T's for
themselves. This is a reasonable request so we'll get some extra
printed. After all, they're paying us.

   Comments welcome.



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