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Wed Jun 9 17:15:00 CEST 2010

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 19:52, Noufal Ibrahim <noufal at gmail.com> wrote:
> No. I mean talks in general. There were more fundamental things than

Ah, ok. Hopefully this time around things would be different?!

> Piecemeal thoughts. Not necessarily relevant but which occur to me.
> 1. I'm more interested in getting "experienced" speakers and "new"
> audience. First time
>    speakers are welcome but if they're green with development *and*
> green with speaking, I
>    don't see much value in them speaking. Last year, we had a lot of

umm...i may be wrong about this but wanted to toss this out:  Its
important that we as organizers distinguish talks, and what kind of
topics get slots. This is something that the CFP is doing atm.
Secondly, we need to get the word out that not everyone needs to be a
speaker. There are other forms like leading a BOF, lightning talks,
technical sessions, sprints, etc where you can present your knowledge
or code etc.. If we give equal importance to other forms of speaking
there would be a good enough mix and interaction.

> 2. If Google or whoever is giving us money, it'll have to be "no
> strings attached" (except of
>    course what they get for being a sponsor which is mentioned in the
> formal brochure).
>    The unrest which went around on the list when the list of things
> from IIT-B was sent is
>    something which I resonated with. It'd be a hassle if they offer
> sponsorship money for
>    some specific purpose like "increasing audience diversity" and
> expect some kind
>    of deliverable from us.

I dont know about deliverables, but IIUC, they'd not hand out money
"einfachso" because a criteria (gender) was met.  Generally speaking,
if a sponsor has a specific goal (Ex. A sponsor wants 20% of the
sponsorship money to be spent on a defined activity), I would think
that they want the money used for that purpose only. It is their
choice. YMMV.

>    This of course is different from us initiating it. If we all here
> feel that diversity is an
>    important issue and that shortage of money is the reason that it's
> not there, going to
>    Google or whoever to get help fixing the problem is fine.

It was initiated by me but before pushing it further I wanted to float
the idea here. This would involve some planning and discussion which
is why I do want to hear thoughts and, objections are more than

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