[Inpycon] CFP draft for review

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 19:47:51 CEST 2010

2010/6/10 Anand Chitipothu <anandology at gmail.com>:
>> 1. Duration - Since we accept only 30/45 mins talk, why note make this
>> a drop down with only these 2 choices ?
> OK. Will do it tomorrow.


>> 2. I had added "Description" in the CFP for detailed outline for reviewers
>> plus notes. It is not possible to review a proposal with just a summary
>> which we say should not be more than 100 words. This is required
>> in the interface.
> It is not clear to me. Do you want a description/notes field only for
> reviewers? The interface for reviewers is not built yet and I'll
> include that field when I build that.

Anand B: I'm waiting for your clarification.

>> 3. Can we have a "topic" category which lists the main topics I have
>> in the CFP which the user can select then ?
> OK. WIll do it tomorrow.


Also added validation to the form.

Anand C

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