[Inpycon] CFP draft for review

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 02:50:45 CEST 2010

> I spent nearly half an hour in the night trying to get any kind
> of list going in the text. Unordererd or ordered list are all showing
> up in the page without the bullet mark. I have tried all kinds
> of mark-down syntax, putting raw HTML (<ul><li>...</li></ul>),
> but the text I want to bullet just shows up as,
> """
> Contents
>   Important dates
>   Permission to record/release presentations
> """
> Not good - what is the point in having so much technology
> if it cannot render something as silly as a list properly ?
> Looks like you have a problem with your stylesheets.
> I wanted to put this up today night, but without lists
> showing up as lists in the site, I can't go forward
> because I am using a lot of bulletted and numbered
> lists in the CFP as you can see from the draft.
> And I thought moimoin was a pain!
> Please someone fix this annoying problem if they
> know how to hack stylesheets. I hit my limits with
> HTML/CSS etc within half an hour at the most since
> I never do this stuff.
> http://in.pycon.org/2010/cfp
> HTML source shows <ul>...</ul> correctly but
> rendering shows no sign of a list being there.

Yes, that was a css issue. Fixed now.


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