[Inpycon] PyCon - India 2010 - an outsiders view

Indrajith K indrajith.k at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 14:24:32 CEST 2010

Hello Guys,

I am a keen python enthusiast, and have been closely following the evolution
of PyCon from the good 2009 days. I was very thrilled on hearing the success
of PyCon 2009, in a time, the industry was reeling under recession. Python
getting acceptance in India, is something I was feeling
very enthusiastic about. As an on looker on the proceedings on PyCon 2010, I
am sorry to say, that the 'buzz' is not very much there as in the last year.
I have a feeling that, PyCon 2009 had an aura which attracted many towards
it, (for sure not to discount the relentless effort of the volunteers) which
made it a huge success. I am afraid the same aura is missing in PyCon 2010,
which requires some corrective action, to make sure this endeavor is again a
success and for years to come.

I would have really liked, if PyCon 2009 success is used extensively in the
initial stages of PyCon 2010 marketing till it carries mass to stand on its

For example
1. There is no mention or a link to PyCon 2009 from the PyCon 2010 page.
2. No mention of the success of PyCon 2009 in PyCon 2010 page
3. The twitter updates are old (> 20 hrs)
4. Sponsors page looks a deserted look (I don't see a need for this, if
there are no sponsors, and host a page similar to PyCon 2009 on reasons to
sponsor, so that companies see the advantage, also a link to previous years
5. The page is not that attractive as that of the previous year.

These are few comments which I observed on the home page which is what many
prospective companies will first take a look. Other than that, I feel a lot
can be done to attract people, and use this place for events happened after
the success of PyCon 2009. A simple googling of "PyCon India 2009" provides
around 32000 results. I am sure there are lot of stories people can tell
about it, which can be showcased. If people could talk how PyCon
2009 benefited them, it will be a great plus for the new comers.

I am not trying to undermine the efforts taken by the community, but wanted
to tell how I feel as an outsider who is looking at the proceedings.

Wishing PyCon India 2010 an huge success !

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