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Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 21:29:32 CEST 2010

Well, what do you guys feel?

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Date: Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 12:51 AM
Subject: Re: Sponsorships from IITB
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Hi Noufal,

I apologize for the delay.  I discussed this with Asokan.

I'll first give you some background so you get where we are coming
from. We are funded by MHRD so it is appropriate to publicize their
involvement. To restate, I believe that treating us on par with a
commercial organization is not appropriate.

__For us visibility and publicity definitely matter__.

So here is what we feel would be appropriate:

0. Special care should be taken by organizers to ensure quality of talks.

1. "FOSSEE funded by MHRD" must be visibly present in various places.

2. We will fund/sponsor PyCon to the tune of Rs.1 lakh to be used as
decided by the organizers.

3. We will conduct a "python for scientific computing" tutorial. Think
of it as a parallel track for tutorials. It will be targeted at
faculty members of educational institutions offering engineering,
science, and computer applications, only.

4. We will conduct a lightning talk on our SEES (Software Engineering
for Engineers and Scientists) course.

For item 3, we will pay for 2nd sleeper train fare for the faculty
(who pass a test at the end of the tutorial) along with some allowance
for their stay at PyCon.  This will  be limited to about 100 faculty.
(This funding will be independent of the Rs.1 lakh given to PyCon.)

We are sure this will benefit PyCon quite a bit.

Here are answers to specific questions.

On Friday 28 May 2010 09:23 AM, Noufal Ibrahim wrote:
> On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 8:22 AM, Prabhu Ramachandran
> <prabhu at aero.iitb.ac.in>  wrote:
> [..]
>> I've thought about this and discussed with Asokan.  I think we could fund
>> you for about 1 lakh but we have the following suggestions:
> Who will be the sponsor? IIT-B or FOSSEE?

FOSSEE, which is funded by MHRD.  Fossee is mainly based at IITB.

>>  1. You should produce something worthwhile at the end of the conference,
>> like hold sprints, or help coordinate for spoken tutorials
>> (http://www.spoken-tutorial.org).  Basically the Python community should get
>> something out of this.
> We are planning to record all the tutorials/talks/presentations and
> put them online for free. This is one thing we're giving back and it is
> in some sense is similar to the spoken-tutorial initiative.


> Apart from that, live interaction with Python programmers is a general gain
> for the community as a whole and we consider this the major
> contribution of the conference.
> The PSF wouldn't have recognised it as so unless they thought it to be
> serving this purpose.

PSF is not our funding agency, MHRD is. :)

> It's a place for companies using the language to
> meet talent and so the commercial side of the community will grow as well.
> We will also announce and promote sprints. However, their
> success depends on participants and that's not something we (or anyone
> for that matter) can guarantee.

Fair enough.

>>  2. Exercise better control over the talks and their selections.  More
>> lightning talks or shorter talks.  No long talks except if the speaker is
>> known to be a really good speaker. Unlike last time, the no. of parallel
>> sessions should also be planned better.
> Talk selection will be more stringent. we will give a longer time
> for the CFPs so that we'll have time to select and we will keep
> "simple" talks in a separate tutorial track if there are sufficient
> good ones.
> This was a big point of feedback last year and we'll take care of it
> this year to the best of our ability.

Excellent to hear!

>>  3. Allow us to conduct a tutorial track for science and engineering
>> streams.
> A separate tutorial track for science/engineering would be fine but
> it will have to fit in with the general scheme of things. There can't
> be a separate banner there with extra promotion. There won't be any
> separate registrations, certificates etc. for this. Basically, we

We might issue certificates to the teachers who attend and I think we
will take care of that.  As regards banners, I think it is fair on our
part to ask for a clear mention of fossee and MHRD's involvement
somewhere prominently.

> don't want to divide the conference into a Fossee event and a PyCon
> event. We'll just list in the tracks and people who are looking for
> that kind of thing can attend it.

There is no fossee event here, we are teaching teachers on how to use
Python for scientific computing for a whole day!

>>  4. Put up a fossee logo on the t-shirt and also some banners and allow us
>> to setup a small stall.
> The main banner will have the sponsor name as will the site. It'll
> also be there on the brochures/handouts we provide and on the other
> promotional materials. A stall can be provided. The T-shirt will not
> have any logos except "PyCon India 2010". We're not giving that to any
> sponsor.

OK. I understand you want to keep the t-shirt free of any sponsoring
agency but to treat us on par with any company is inappropriate.  We
are out and out trying to increase Python adoption with no hidden
agenda. So please let me know of your concerns but do not treat us
like some random company out there.



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