[Inpycon] Opening registrations

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 13:21:13 CEST 2010

>> > My idea was that we'd sell the tickets online initially for a lower
>> > cost (early bird) - this is to encourage people to register early. And
>> > then after a cut off date (say 10 Aug), charge slightly more. The idea
>> > is to get more people to register upfront and publicise the event.
>> >
>> > I remember you mentioning that it won't make a different in India but
>> > if students are coming, I think the lower price might be good for
>> > them.
>> >
>> > Spot registrations are purely for people who are in the neighbourhood
>> > and want to drop in but don't have a ticket.
>> >
>> > What do you feel?
>> >
>> in India, people put off registering and paying till the last minute
>> unless
>> they get a substantial benefit in paying early. For a person who is
>> capable of
>> paying online, 100 rupees will not make a difference. He pays online for
>> convenience. We benefit from online payment so that there are less
>> hassles.
>> Even then you are going to see the usual queue at the start of the
>> conference.
>> So it is in our interest to encourage online payment. Abroad early bird
>> gives
>> you substantial reduction in payment as also preference for discounted
>> hotel
>> booking etc. These factors do not apply here at all. So instead of early
>> bird
>> - which does not mean anything, we put online payment 250 and on spot
>> payment
>> 350.
>> Another point - if the system is set to be unable to register without
>> payment.
>> then very few will register. We have to have a system where a person can
>> register and choose 'pay now' or 'pay later'. Since obviously we cannot
>> say
>> that if you do not register and pay online you cannot attend - there is a
>> real
>> possibility that very few will register.
>  +1. Valid point. We need a "register" on site and then click on "Pay"
> button which takes us to doattend. This way we can track delegates on our
> site and get payment status from doattend also. I am sure their API should
> support
> that.

doattend interface allows people to choose to pay at the venue. We
don't need have to "register" on our site.

I think, it is better to close the early-bird registration 10-15 days
before the conference so that we can plan well for food etc. If we
keep the early-bird till the last minute then people won't register
till the last minute.


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