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Shalin Jain shalinjain at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 20:15:41 CEST 2010

> There are problems with charging that high for a ticket. The venue
> sponsor is right now giving us the facilities at a very nominal cost.
> If we charge this kind of money, it wouldn't really work for them.
> The registration money is purely to cover the swag and food. We're
> thinking of the whole early bird thing to encourage people to register
> early so that we can get approximate numbers.

Fair enough. 750 is just an example. Just to make it cheaper for
Students and help subsidize student price by charge non-students
slight more.

>> 3. Alternative to Early Bird
>> Discount codes are great alternative to having early bird. For
>> instance, I would launch with discount code 'ilovepython' or similar
>> while announcing the opening of registrations. This code can be kept
>> to a max quantity of 50, valid for first 3 days with a cash discount
>> of 200 rupees (on Professional Pass) pushed mainly to the mailing
>> list, twitter and facebook group. (Just an example!)
> I don't quite get this. Maybe I'm getting senile before my time but
> this sounds a little complicated.
> Does this mean that the first 50 or so people in the first 3 days can
> enter "Ilovepython" or something and get a ticket for less?

Basically what I am referring to is: you can have discount coupons
issued to promote early registrations. This is just an alternative to
having early bird ticket. Basically discount codes could be time or
quantity bound or both.

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