[Inpycon] Final verdict : RV vs. MSRIT

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Mon May 17 08:16:18 CEST 2010

Okay. This has been dragging on for long enough. Here's my summary.
I've listed the pros and cons from most serious to least serious.
Factors that offset the main point are in square brackets next to

I'm going to be a little blunt with things so I'm apologising in
advance if it brushes people the wrong way.

RV College:
   - Great rapport between Baiju and Renuka Prasad.
   - They've been enthusiastic for a long time and we almost committed
before MSRIT info. came up.
   - Renuka Prasad has managed to get 50 volunteers for the event
during the days of the conf. which would be an *enormous* help.
   - In the poll, 94% or so voted for RV [most of the reasons were
like "it's my college" etc.]

   - Horrible road condition and not very accessible [2 day conf,
people are travelling from across the country, can take a hotel
   - Renuka Prasad is enthusiastic about FOSS events and this conf. is
not necessarily a FOSS one.
   - Some cooling off of the initial enthusiasm since we took a while
to decide.

    - Much more accessible than RV
    - Enthusiastic student body [The 50 volunteers which Renuka Prasad
has managed to get are there at RV]
    - Better facilities (on campus Wifi saves us trouble from hunting for more)
    - The student FOSS group (who claim to be okay with not-completely
FOSS events) can help us on campus.
    - It's near the last years venue and so we can reuse the same
caterers for food.

    - There's no one on our side to take the role of Baiju [Sree has
volunteered if no one else is there but he might be very busy]

Based on this, here's what I think we should do.

If we can in one day (ie. before this tomorrow) get a positive
commitment from someone on this list to be our liaison with the folks
at MSRIT, we'll go for MSRIT. I can't overemphasise the importance of
this. A lot of small things will come up and this person has to be
proactive about it. Last years venue worked out *only* because Anand
C. and Vikas were on top of things till the final day.

If we don't get such a commitment from anyone, we'll go with RV.
Either way, by noon tomorrow, we'll have fixed the venue.


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