[Inpycon] Final verdict : RV vs. MSRIT

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Mon May 17 08:29:12 CEST 2010

Is everyone okay with this?

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:46 AM, Noufal Ibrahim <noufal at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay. This has been dragging on for long enough. Here's my summary.
> I've listed the pros and cons from most serious to least serious.
> Factors that offset the main point are in square brackets next to
> them.
> I'm going to be a little blunt with things so I'm apologising in
> advance if it brushes people the wrong way.
> RV College:
>  Pros:
>   - Great rapport between Baiju and Renuka Prasad.
>   - They've been enthusiastic for a long time and we almost committed
> before MSRIT info. came up.
>   - Renuka Prasad has managed to get 50 volunteers for the event
> during the days of the conf. which would be an *enormous* help.
>   - In the poll, 94% or so voted for RV [most of the reasons were
> like "it's my college" etc.]
>  Cons:
>   - Horrible road condition and not very accessible [2 day conf,
> people are travelling from across the country, can take a hotel
> nearby]
>   - Renuka Prasad is enthusiastic about FOSS events and this conf. is
> not necessarily a FOSS one.
>   - Some cooling off of the initial enthusiasm since we took a while
> to decide.
>  Pros:
>    - Much more accessible than RV
>    - Enthusiastic student body [The 50 volunteers which Renuka Prasad
> has managed to get are there at RV]
>    - Better facilities (on campus Wifi saves us trouble from hunting for more)
>    - The student FOSS group (who claim to be okay with not-completely
> FOSS events) can help us on campus.
>    - It's near the last years venue and so we can reuse the same
> caterers for food.
>  Cons:
>    - There's no one on our side to take the role of Baiju [Sree has
> volunteered if no one else is there but he might be very busy]
> Based on this, here's what I think we should do.
> If we can in one day (ie. before this tomorrow) get a positive
> commitment from someone on this list to be our liaison with the folks
> at MSRIT, we'll go for MSRIT. I can't overemphasise the importance of
> this. A lot of small things will come up and this person has to be
> proactive about it. Last years venue worked out *only* because Anand
> C. and Vikas were on top of things till the final day.
> If we don't get such a commitment from anyone, we'll go with RV.
> Either way, by noon tomorrow, we'll have fixed the venue.
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> ~noufal
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