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On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 11:10 PM, Anand Balachandran Pillai <
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> Hi,
>    It is about a month and a week since Pycon India 2010.
> We have had the rest and the feedback.
> I guess it is time to kick start the plans of action for
> Pycon India 2011. I see that there is already some discussions
> on the venue. Here are my suggestions, not in any particular
> order of importance.
> 1. We need a spearhead for Pycon India 2011 in the same role
> as Noufal, but based in Chennai, who can actually do the
> co-ordination on the ground. The chennai folks need to do
> this ASAP. If Noufal himself can take this up initially, great,
> but I guess when things actually start to take shape on hand,
> we do need someone locally.

2. A show of hands of folks, who would be running the show
> from Chennai. It is useful to know who are the people involved
> I shall be taking over all coordination in the ground along with
rajeshwari. we have around 20 people in the ground ready and willing to run
in the ground to get things done and we hope to pull it in style.

3. Draw up a plan of action with approximate deadlines to each,
> put this up in a wiki page and the "co-ordinator-in-chief" needs to
> follow this up. I am not going into details now.
We have a tentative deadline as of now to get the venue settled. most of the
colleges around are having their end semester examinations now and dont want
to be bothered for the next 2 weeks. i shall be taking to them as soon as
these exams get over and start making arrangements. meanwhile a couple of us
will also be going about photographing the venue and putting it on this list
for all the volunteers to have a look.
i shall ciculate an alpha draft of schedule by the end of tomorrow
(wednesday nov 3, 2010) following which we can grill it overhere and get it
ratified by the community.

> 5.  Get the branding right. We need to decide on a single
> "logo" and theme early on - these discussions need to happen
> in parallel with the actual conference grounds-stuff discussions.
we have two options.
A)we shall indulge in the community generated logo exercise again. and get
the logo finalized by the end of january.
B) use existing branding material from the previous years conference.

we need to decide on that.

> 6. I suggest a separate mailing list purely for conference organizers
> apart from this one which anyone interested in the conference can
> listen in. I will get this done in a week, if there is consensus. This will
> require permission to join and won't be open.
can we put this in cold storage for now ? we will have some discussions
happening here and if people complain of a high noise to signal ratio, then
we shall take this up again.


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