[Inpycon] Some thoughts on talks

JAGANADH G jaganadhg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 14:17:08 CEST 2010

> 1. Call for CFP at least 3 months earlier. Pycon US does it
> 3 months in advance (Nov 2010 for March 2011 Pycon). So
> in our case we should schedule this in early May for a Sep
> conf. That gives us enough time to scrutinize the talks and
> do a more thorough review.

+1 for this
One month time for submitting abstract , 15 days for review one month for
Camera ready copy (Final paper). If time permits it may also reviewed

> 2. Have multi-tiered review process: Last year we had almost
> no review, this year we had a 4 member group review. I am
> suggesting 2 tiered reviews next year on where we first have
> a screening round where we actually drop talks before even
> rating them (not based on consensus, but perhaps base on
> vote) followed by the second round where we rate the remaining
> talks.
> +1

> 5. Lightning talks track - We need to prioritize lightning talks
> and perhaps have a hall dedicated for lightning talks and
> sprints that could follow from it. So if people feel bored or
> want to have a change there is always this hall available.

+1 I think we can include CFP for this too

> 6. Tutorial tracks - Maybe have a lab or class-room for a dedicated
> tutorial track where people could sign up for tutorials on anything
> ranging from 1-2 hours.

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