[Inpycon] When are we opening the CFP?

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>> Okay, I misread your last mail.  I thought you did take the decision
>> to go with volunteer trainers.  [.....] It will have to be
>> decided though, unless you want to end up with some paid tutorials and
>> some free ones.  Or you'll be telling the volunteers to prepare notes
>> and get paid for it, which they might not be happy about.  So it is
>> the indecision which is the issue, either of the options would work
>> for the conference.
>> There's a fine line I could help clarify. We all seem to be in favour of
> having volunteer trainers. If pushed into a decision thats probably a
> decision I would favour. There's only a trivial job of finding sufficient
> volunteers.
In interest of abundant caution - that "trivial" usage was sarcasm.

> At last count there were 4. If we get more that just makes the decision so
> much easier.
> I prefer to sometimes delay specifically flagging off a clear intent as a
> decision until whats termed as the Last Responsible Moment. I was unaware
> that the CFP issuance would be that moment and shall seek to get that
> clarified later. Thats probably resulting in the ambiguity that you are
> feeling - the indecision you referred to. I hope that is clarified.
> I also strongly believe that either all should get paid or no one should
> get paid - equal policy for all tutorial conductors. I am not sure if
> volunteers would mind it if later on it was communicated that they would be
> getting paid .. but I could stand surprised on that one.
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