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> Full clarification:
> PyCon venue is: Symbiosis Vishwabhavan on S.B. Road. (Landmark: this is the
> building with a statue of R.K. Laxman's common man in front). Also, there
> are many different Symbiosis campuses all over Pune, so we should definitely
> make it a point to tell delegates that it is important to remember
> "Vishwabhavan" and "S.B. Road" otherwise they could end up at the wrong end
> of town.
> Actually, Symbiosis Law College, which the building adjacent to Symbiosis
> Vishwabhavan is also hosting some of the tracks -

>From our experience of last year, talks held at a different building
in the same campus also can confuse the hell out of people - unless
there are proper directions and volunteers ready to help and guide.

I suggest we keep all talks/tuts in the same venue so that we
avoid making it difficult for people who are attending different
talks, one in one building and the next in a faraway one.

If possible, all rooms in the same building itself - that is the
best possible configuration.

> but there is no need to mention that right now and confuse people.
> Vishwabhavan is the more well known of the two, so we can stick to that.
> SICSR (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research) is wrong. It
> is not the same institute. It is not near Vishwabhavan. It definitely needs
> to be removed from the website.
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