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> Navin Kabra <navin at smriti.com> writes:
> [...]
> > 1. No, having all rooms in the same building is not possible
> > 2. We do plan on having a prominent map and directions to halls in
> multiple
> > places at the venue

 Since the time between talks is in the range of a few minutes (5 at best),
 we can't expect people to be very efficient in looking up maps.

 We need to have incremental directions at every place to guide folks
plus a "You are here" kind of map in front of every hall which details
the position of this hall in relation to every other hall. Plus volunteers
to help.

Last year we had a lot of issues with people trying to find the
2nd building from the main building since we didn't do some of these
basic things. I am hoping it will be better this year cuz of the rather
longer gap between talks but it is better to prepare well.

> > 3. We were aware of this issue when looking at the venues, and decided to
> go
> > ahead with this venue in spite of the problem of halls divided across
> > multiple buildings - because of the other benefits that this venue
> afforded.
> [...]
> Fair enough. Last year, we *seriously* underestimated this problem so
> please prioritise the maps and directions.
> It would also probably be a good idea for the kick off speech to let
> everyone know where the various rooms are.
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