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JAGANADH G jaganadhg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 09:19:49 CET 2011

> This is one reason this mailing list sucks Big time. It is meant for a
> closed group of ppl. You can never make it an All India conference.
> Last time it was owned by Noufal, this time it will be owned by Kenneth.

The conference is not owned by a single person . It belongs to the community
including you . Even if you participated you helped to make it happen and
make a gant success. Here the person stands to get the credit for  all the
bad things happened .

No wonder It is same set of ppl who give presentations year after year.
Have you submitted a talk proposed last year ? .There was many new faces in
the last years conference . I think this year too many new faces will come
and there will be more quality talks will be there . Nobody cant say that
the same old faces came. Because anybody can try to throw a proposel for a
talk in the Python Conference . If it is worthy definitely it will be
approved . We expects that more people will come forward for talks this year

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