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Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 08:03:49 CET 2011

On Mon, Feb 14 2011, Dhananjay Nene wrote:

> Thank you all. We start working towards making it happen.
> Can I request all past participants to enumerate whatever they recollect
> might be items/tasks we need to put together in a consolidated list of items
> we need to plan for, track and complete to satisfaction ?
> Dhananjay

Following is the actin plan I made for last year. The dates and items
would change a little but I think we can use it as a starting point. 

I think it'd be wise to get things like the website and branding done
at first so that we have a public face for advertising right away.

               Overall schedule for PyCon India 2010

Date: 2010-04-23 11:19:02 IST

Table of Contents
1 Till end of April
2 May1 - May 10
3 By end of May
4 June 1 - June 30
5 July 1 - July 30
6 August
7 September

1 Till end of April
 - Discussions on long term aspects like
   - Dates
   - CFP
   - Number of tracks
   - Venue finalisation and begin talking (JN Tata is my vote).
   - Wifi provider
   - A/V provider
   - Food provider
 - Development and setup of website so that we have our public
   face (by May 1).
 - Start advertising by word of mouth/twitter

2 May1 - May 10
 - Discuss sponsors on list
 - Finalise main list (the must haves - others can come later and
   we'll accomodate)
 - Finalise benefits in each tier
 - Prepare sponsorship brochures
 - Assign people to start talking to the sponsors.
 - The bank account should be ready so that we can get funds by
   atleast May 15.

3 By end of May
 - Get commitments from atleast a few sponsors
 - WiFi is a priority. We should somehow get a provider like AirTel
   to sponsor this. One person should be in charge of this.
 - A/V shouldn't be as hard as wifi but we need a person who'll be
   in touch with them.

4 June 1 - June 30
 - Mainly focussing on sponsors. This month will be a little hazy
   since our steps forward depend on how much cash we'll make.
 - It will also be one of the most critical since no money == no
 - The moment we make enough to book the venue, we should go ahead
   and do it.
   - Now we have a minimal conference with no wifi/food.
   - Put up pages on the website detailing nearby restaurants and
     stuff in as much detail as possible.
 - Depending on what the financial situation, we can take the call
   here on international speakers. They're the main luxury we can
   cut off.
 - Discuss of CFP on the list (details like how many etc.)
 - We (ie. Anand) will also discuss with the PSF whether they can
   sponsor a speaker or two from abroad.

5 July 1 - July 30
 - CFP (July 1)
   - Announce in and shamelessly publicise it
   - 3 weeks to send papers. July 20 is the cut off date.
   - 2 or 3 weeks to review papers. Authors will be notified by
     early/mid August. (team to review papers - a few from India and
     few from abroad).
   - By end of August, the abstracts should be with us.
 - Find a caterer and negotiate prices (same as last time?)
 - By the end of this month, we should have a confirmed conference so
   official publicity can start (media etc.)

6 August
 - Recieve papers from interested parties.
 - Discuss keynote/invited speakers - This would depend on budget
   and by this time we should be clear on when/what we can do.
 - Tie up loose ends. This is getting fuzzy.

7 September
 - Somewhere in the middle (15 - 20) - official conference dates.



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