[Inpycon] Notes from InPyCon planning meeting of local Pune Team

satyaakam goswami satyaakam at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 19:03:31 CET 2011

> We felt that we should have a 3 day conference - Friday, Saturday and
> Sunday. Friday will be mainly for tutorials introducing people to Python.
> Saturday and Sunday will be the main conference. There we're hoping to run 4
> tracks in parallel as follows:
> I: Introductory and Web (this is the newbies/evangelism/101 track)

Why even add web just we can say intro talks.

> II: Experienced (this is for pythonistas, with prereqs)

what kinds may be in different domains like Testing , Web , Frameworks,
Scientific computing, Bioinfomatics, Embedded systems ,Security,Gis  etc...
showcase how python is powering these domains

III: Themed tracks

how this is different than  II

IV: Tutorials, Labs, BOFs etc

BOFs are good these can and will happen without much planning , what in labs
and tutorials and how they will be different .

> For this conference, we don't want to really focus on the size of the
> audience - rather we would like to really try hard to get good quality,
> advanced talks. We'll insist on there being enough advanced talks; and
> aggressively reject "introductory" talks that can't be accommodated in the
> introductory track. It's OK to have advanced talks that expect the audience
> to know certain things beforehand, as long as the prerequisites are
> explicitly listed in the talk description. We believe this it will be a
> challenge to get enough speakers who can talk about advanced topics - so
> let's try to think of various creative ways in which to meet this
> challenge.

this is a balancing act would only know after  once we call for CFP.

> We'd like longer talks - all talks to be 1 hour. We also want 5 to 10
> minute breaks between talks. One keynote on Saturday, and another keynote on
> Sunday.


> As far as dates, it appears that 16-18 Sept, or 23-25 Sept are the main
> possibilities. (Before that, Pune will be immobilized by Ganesh Chaturthi,
> and afterwards there's Navratri and Gandhi Jayanti.) We'll finalize the
> dates after talking with our potential venues. We're going to make first
> contact with potential venues next week and we are hoping to have the date
> and venue finalized in 2 or 3 weeks.

> Other isuses discussed during the meeting:
> 1. How much to charge? Reference: Pycon 2010 charged 250 for early bird,
> 350 for not-so-early bird, and 500 on the spot. Current thinking is to keep
> it the same. Maybe charge Rs. 150 for Day 0 Tutorials if there are people
> who want to attend just that.

yes that is one way to pick and choose from we can say 200 - 250 per day so
that people who pay for all three days together  do not feel cheated.

> 2. How many people to expect? This needs to be estimated right now so that
> we only consider appropriate venues. Reference: Pycon 2010 had about 650
> people on day 1. and 350 on day 2. We're not sure how to estimate the number
> of people coming for Pycon Pune,

i am expecting bigger numbers considering the Student community and Startup
crowd in Pune.lets target for somewhere in the range of 800-1000.

> but for now, we're saying that as far as venue sizing is concerned, we will
> consider venues where the largest hall capacity is at least 300+, and there
> are at least 2 other halls/classrooms. Having labs would be a bonus.


> 3. Is a foreign speaker really necessary? We spend a lot of money, and
> maybe they don't have the star power that we think they have. Opinion was
> divided on this topic

depends on what we have and how much we can afford , yes we still need this
star power till we have our own stars  or discover new ones.


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