[Inpycon] Necessity of foreign delegates.

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 11:00:02 CET 2011

On Mon, Feb 21 2011, Lakshmi Vyas wrote:

>> Precisely why the dualism is harder to explain.
> I can think of a few reasons:
> 1.  Local people derive direct benefit helping spreading python in
> India.  2.  They get more exposure / clout / bragging rights in the
> community where they earn their living 3.  Like Noufal said in a
> follow up mail, its not as expensive to travel locally and the
> relative unease in being in a new place is negligible
> I think this is analogous to having a person within an organization
> help out on a problem versus hiring an external consultant.


I think the "dualism" is artificial. 

Bringing in someone like (say) Raymond Hettinger from abroad to speak on
the Python core is something I would *pay for* to happen. If I can spend
money on bringing someone like that over here to have speak at an event,
I'd do it. He doesn't stand to gain anything from attending a fledgling
event in India. *We* stand to gain something from having him here to
speak due to his experience and knowledge.

If the only obstacle to having him here is money and we have the money,
we should spend it to have him here. 

The "dualism" exists only if you think that having Zed Shaw over or
having a newbie Python user coming for the conference is the same. You
can accuse me of being non-egalitarian but I don't think it's the same
and I think it's important to emphasise the difference. 

To take another example. Suppose, there's a chap in India (say 'foo')
who uses Django heavily at work and we're conducting an event where
we're inviting Jacob Kaplan Moss and he's giving a talk on
testing/deployment of Django. 

Mr. foo has to pay for the registration (300 INR), pay for his travel
and accommodation (say 1000 INR). Jacob is sponsored by us and doesn't

What do you think is the first thought through foo's head? 

    "WOW! I get to listen to the man himself talking about this and I
    just have to shell out 1300 INR)"


    "What a lousy conference! I have to spend 1300 to attend but Jacob
    Kaplan Moss can attend it for free."

I think (atleast) most of us can agree on this. 


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