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On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 10:45 AM, Ramdas S <ramdaz at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 9:13 AM, Harshad Oak <harshad at rightrix.com> wrote:
>> With reference to mail below, please let me know what our policy on
>> speaker compensation is. I think we should have a page on the site that we
>> can point to in response to such a query.
>> Thanks,
>> Harshad.
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> I guess we will have several cases like this. I am all for helping people
> who really want to attend.
> But this could also trigger hundred such applications, and with all respect
> and concern for the genuinely interested students, you have no way of
> verifying the ingenuity of these applications, and we need a volunteer to
> check and verify, and approve. In addition there could also be some
> applications where a student may be looking for a free joy ride or excursion
> to Pune. How do you decide?

 I agree we need to be careful in vetting applications, but that shouldn't
prevent us
 from creating a limited fund pool from which to sponsor 'n' number of
 their travel and stay expenses (minus food) considering it falls within a
 pre-determined amount (could vary per city, but with an upper ceiling).

 It might be a bit too late right now to come up with an official policy for
 this Pycon, however, I would still suggest we go ahead and fund a limited
 number of students and put the larger question of formalizing this
 to a later stage. Still we can continue to have discussions meanwhile.

> There's a thread discussing this and the general consensus is that student
> speakers whose talk is selected will get sponsored. The exact sponsorship ie
> travel and lodging charges is not arrived yet.
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>> Hey
>> I am a student and lives in Chandigarh which is far away from the
>> Pune. I have also registered a talk named as "Hungry Snake - My First
>> Game Using Pygame API" . My pygame articles also got published in the
>> May and July edition of the Linux For You. I really want to attend
>> this pycon.
>> I am a student and I can't afford the expanse for my whole trip. Can
>> you provide me any compensation in any manner??? I have read somewhere
>> that pycon's provide the travelling allowance to the needy one or so.
>> So plz help me. I don't want to miss this opportunity at any cost.
>> Waiting for your reply
>> Thanks
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