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Anand Balachandran Pillai abpillai at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 15:19:32 CEST 2011


      We have got a pretty good response this year
as well - 54 unique submissions so far (59 minus test talks
and duplicates), with 2 more days to go!

    This year we have 45 min talks and I would prefer
to have the session last 1 hour so that there is ample
time to deliver the talk plus take questions at the end.

Assuming we start at 10.00 every day and end at 5
and leaving the lunch hour, that gives us 6 hours in a day.
Again assuming we want to have talks only for half
a day in the last day (valid ?), that gives a total of
15 hours for the 3 days.

So the total number of talks we want to accept with
this calculation becomes.

15*(number of halls).

If we have 3 halls in all we can accept around 30 talks
(2 halls for talks) plus roughly 5-6 tutorials considering
3 hrs per tutorial.

If we have 4 halls this of course becomes around 45
talks (give or take a few), plus again 5-6 tutorials.

Right now we have a total of 8 tutorial submissions plus
46 talk submissions (which could go up in the next few days),
so we have enough content to manage either of these.

To go ahead with finalizing the number of talks, I need
the information on the halls. Plus other suggestions if any.

I will send out another email to the panel once again,
before we start the process - mostly tomorrow.


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