[Inpycon] Discussions on 21st June

Dhananjay Nene dhananjay.nene at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 10:34:29 CEST 2011

This is to document the discussions as held the night of 21st June between
the Pune folks working actively on #inpycon. Unfortunately I had to go to
the airport almost immdtly afterwards so its been some time and I am using
my rather poor memory. Others in the discussion feel free to append or amend
as appropriate.

We started off with the set of specific items Noufal had referred to in his
mail :

1. To get aggressive with sponsors

This is definitely important at the moment, and it was decided to a)
Aggressively seek sponsors the week of 26th (Lead: Dhananjay. Navin and
others supporting with specific leads into pune companies). I also agreed to
touch base with volunteers from other cities to assess and coordinate
sponsorship promotion in the other cities as well. (This should be happening
the coming week)

2. To advertise the CFP and chase/get python programmers in India to come
present high quality stuff.

Ramki to get in touch with a number of other folks to specially promote this
(eg. Bhaskaracharya pratishthan is one I recollect). Probably more was
discussed, but I don't recollect it quite well.

3. Create a buzz (twitter, facebook etc.)

Navin to help it get kickstarted. It was also discussed that perhaps one of
the upcoming techweekend sessions could be dedicated to python to further
increase the local buzz and we could support those sessions. Harshad Oak
also would be helping with the local offline media interfacing, though we
were a little unclear how to market it to that segment. BG would also be
supporting in terms of interacting with some other blogs as well. There was
also a discussion of distributing python content dvds based on some of the
earlier gnunify sessions within the local community through events such as
techweekend and other local fora.

4. Arrange wifi (I sent an email about this earlier)

Harshad Gune (he's been teaching at Symbiosis for the last 14 years so is
reasonably clued into that environment). He suggested that there is a good
availability of 5 Mbps from aircel at the venue. There was a question
whether one needs a larger number of access points and whether we would need
higher bandwidth given the large number of people. Unresolved. BG to
continue with the same in coordination with Harshad Gune for the Wifi

5. Design and decide on the publicity materials (brochures etc.)
I wish I remember more about what exactly transpired here - someone else
from the discussion kindly chip in.

We did discuss two more points.

6. Venue and Logistics Planning :

While not immediately important in terms of imminent action, it was
important to start planning and listing all the tasks that we would need to
track. We also need to start creating the local volunteer base for the
conference. We could start the same with eliciting volunteers (from
punepycon and other sources). Navin / Harshad G could get started off along
these lines.

7. Tutorial Track :
I mentioned that we have about 6 volunteers now (3 being folks I have pinged
and have responded positively, 1 being self, 1 being Noufal, and 1 being
someone BG would help appoint) and that we would need a few more if we have
to structure a full set of sessions over three days. We need to get the
overall structure decided so that people can start creating the appropriate
content. This is something that I shall also continue to focus on in
addition to sponsorships.

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