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Please do not assume that all you need to do to service a dense conference audience with wireless is to saturate the space with access points connected to a backbone. In my experience academic venues are usually more flexible and better-supported than most hotel venues.

PyCon US has considerable experience building infrastructure such as that, and Sean Reifschneider has developed what seems to me to be an almost turnkey system. Sean has written about this, and his work may be of interest. Perhaps he will have time to 

If you would like to consider duplicating the PyCon US "network conference setup" package I understand that resources maybe a problem. Should that be the case I would *strongly* encourage you to apply to the PSF for funding to help you build such a facility -- if not for this year then perhaps for next.


PS: I was lucky for the first three PyCons in the US to fall on an academic venue that had just refreshed its entire network infrastructure. But even when networking is bad the ability to meet with people face-to-face will mostly override annoyances about inadequate wireless. Good luck!!!!!!!!!! S

On Sep 9, 2011, at 11:54 PM, Dhananjay Nene wrote:

> All,
> We need access to a large number of access points / routers for Wifi
> connectivity during PyCon. It would be greatly helpful if you can lend
> one or a few for the duration (for out of town visitors if you could
> carry them in and out during the visit as well). The list of
> APs/routers is specified below. These are going to be particularly
> helpful. We can do with other models as well but only with a much
> higher configuration overhead. What I would request you to do is to
> let me know if you can help lend the same for the conference (either
> those in this list or others). The routers will ideally be required
> from Thursday evening through Sunday night. For out of town - we can
> adjust as per the travel schedules.
> Suggest that you respond in the following format (kindly send the mail
> to me rather than to the whole list to avoid spamming the list). Out
> of Pune contributors - I shall let you know by Wednesday early morning
> if we need you to carry the same with you. If we can get the same from
> within pune, there is no point in you having to carry it.
> a. Name of Person
> b. Router Model Number
> c. Location: In Pune / Out of Pune
> d. If Out of Pune - time when you reach pune, and time when you shall
> need to leave the venue.
> Thanks
> Dhananjay
> ========= List of Wireless Mesh compatible APs/routers ==============
> Easiest of the lot is "Apple Airport Express" & "Apple Airport Extreme"
> D-Link
> DWL-7700AP
> DWL-3200AP
> Linksys
> WRT54G
> WRE54G
> WAG54G
> WAP54G
> Netgear
> WNDR3300
> WNR3500
> WNR834Bv2
> DG834Gv3
> DG834Gv4
> WNHDE111
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