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On Sep 20, 2011, at 5:20 AM, Dhananjay Nene wrote:

>> 4. Capacity planning: While it would be good to be able to do capacity
>> planning, and guarantee seats to people who "book" slots in advance, I think
>> that would be just too much work and a headache.
> My point is that sometimes the number of people in a single room
> substantially exceeds what is safe. Thus I do believe we need to find
> a way to contain the attendance within a single room to reasonable
> limits - whether through pre-booking or closing the doors. In general
> actually, the limit of safe count is usually the number of seats
> (since the fire exits etc. have been designed based on number of seats
> and the regulatory and contemporary design parameters at the point in
> time the building was designed).

I'd say that was a requirement from a safety point of view. While it's very unlikely that an emergency will occur during a talk, if one did then one would be criminally liable in the USA if the overcrowding led to deaths and/or injuries.

I understand the PyCon web site has for some time used JavaScript technology to allow people to indicate the talks they are likely to attend, which gives us better information for planning the allocation of talks to rooms. Even then we once had Ian Bicking talking to about 200 people in a room better-suited to 100, while in the ballroom someone talked about geological processing to an audience of less than ten.

It's not easy!

Steve Holden
steve at holdenweb.com

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