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>> 2. Any feedback on the length of the talks? Many talks ended a little
>> early and we had to fill in with lightening talks, and in some cases, it was
>> just free time. Did that work well, or would people have liked a more packed
>> schedule? Have you heard any feedback? My personal opinion is that the 1
>> hour slots were fine. The best talks did need 1 hour, and in fact had to be
>> cut-off in the end. The option of having lightening talks was also useful.
>> And in general, having breaks during the conference is not a bad thing.
> I am a conference rookie but from my limited experience I think that the
> length of the session was alright. I was looking all around and most of the
> time people were either in talks or engaging with each other. I think the
> level of corridor discussions were really good and must have helped a lot of
> the delegates that participated in the conference. I am a little more
> ambivalent of the situation of the lightening talks. As it was not in a
> specific area or at a specific time people might have misses interesting
> lightening talks due to them not knowing that it was happening. One option
> could be to decide on a specific area or stage (if feasible) and decide that
> all the lightening talks happen there. So if any session ends early those
> interested could go over to that area and check out the lightening talks.
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I am amused nobody pointed out the lack of sufficient power outlets.
Although the talks were quite interesting, we could try and include a flow
of tracks that start with some introductory overview of the language and
progresses through some coding sprints so that newcomers understand better
the content that they are being taught. For example, a hands-on session on
redis in the evening would have helped. Such workshops spread over three
days would be more helpful for some segments of the audience than sitting in
talks they can't comprehend and worse they can't try it out then and there.
I also suggest the speakers upload the details of the packages being used in
the talks in advance so that attendees have them installed. Due to this I
missed on some interesting things during the image processing talk by nitin
in Track 3 on Day 1. And the absence of wi-fi didn't help either.

My 0.02$.
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