[Inpycon] PyCon India post mortem.

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> I am amused nobody pointed out the lack of sufficient power outlets.

 A quick reply - We were aware of this ourselves. Frankly we didn't plan
properly for this and only bought the power strips (16 of them) the last
on the previous day of the conference.

Ideally we should have stocked up a number of them (at least 30) and
serially connect them to provide power all around. I think it might have
felt more acutely in the auditorium. I tried my best to link a couple of
serially at every outlet, but we didn't have enough to cover all seats.

Point taken. We need to stock up on power strips well before
the conference.

> Although the talks were quite interesting, we could try and include a flow
> of tracks that start with some introductory overview of the language and
> progresses through some coding sprints so that newcomers understand better
> the content that they are being taught. For example, a hands-on session on
> redis in the evening would have helped. Such workshops spread over three
> days would be more helpful for some segments of the audience than sitting in
> talks they can't comprehend and worse they can't try it out then and there.
> I also suggest the speakers upload the details of the packages being used in
> the talks in advance so that attendees have them installed. Due to this I
> missed on some interesting things during the image processing talk by nitin
> in Track 3 on Day 1. And the absence of wi-fi didn't help either.

It was perhaps I who first suggested a 1 hr duration of each talk.
This was from my (bad) experience from last year where I tried to
 pack a large number of talks with barely breathing room between
each. So this year the thinking was to provide 45 min for the speaker
to complete his talk and a luxury of 15 mins to do everything else -
Q&A, audience interaction, corridor discussions, breaks etc. So not
surprising that for a few talks where the author either paced himself
too fast or didn't have enough content, people could have felt that
the entire session was on the ligher side in terms of content. However
content is only part of the experience, and we wanted to give room
to everyone to engage each other and have an all around experience.
I think it worked.

> My 0.02$.
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