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> >> I am amused nobody pointed out the lack of sufficient power outlets.
> >
> >  A quick reply - We were aware of this ourselves. Frankly we didn't plan
> > properly for this and only bought the power strips (16 of them) the last
> > thing
> > on the previous day of the conference.
> Not sure if I entirely agree. Running six outlets per outlet provided
> at auditorium is a sufficient overload - anything more is likely to
> overload the underlying assumed electrical circuits. We can consider
> this as a factor when looking at a venue, but seriously it makes no
> sense to overload the built in venue provided electrical outlets
> unless one wants to contemplate drawing a separate wire from the venue
> level mains into the auditoriums (needs more Rs, and careful
> electrical planning). To the extent one sticks with the venue provided
> outlets, I think we did what was reasonably feasible.
+1. In fact I do have a major rant on the requirement of techies for power
and the net, but I will save that for another time and off the forum :)
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