[Inpycon] PyCon 2012 Planning Meeting Notes - 12 March

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Tue Mar 13 13:35:26 CET 2012

On 13 March 2012 10:58, sankarshan <foss.mailinglists at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 6:40 AM, Navin Kabra <navin at smriti.com> wrote:
> > Hence, it is suggested that this time, we should probably have Rs. 400
> early
> > bird (500 later) for students and something like Rs. 1500 early bird
> (1750
> > later) for professionals. The total number of cheap tickets (Rs. 400/500
> > ones) should be capped at a number like 300 or 350, and after those are
> > over, everyone has to buy the more expensive one.
> Is there a reason why InPyCon is not looking to charge more for early
> bird tickets both for students and professionals ? For example, 600
> (and, 800 later) for students and, 1800 (and, 2200 later) for
> professionals. I ask this not to challenge the decision but as an
> observation of the ticket prices of various conferences around Pune
> and other cities. A flagship conference around Python, which is what
> I'd like to think InPyCon is, has enough material to justify those
> gate prices.
> Again, please feel free to whack the above proposal away.

+1. Rs 600 and 800 later are very good prices. I'm a student, and I see
for workshops and events on a weekly basis. None of them are below Rs1000.

> > Should we have tutorials on Sunday instead of Friday?
> > Should we have an semi-independent workshop for Python beginners? This
> need
> > not necessarily be "Pycon" branded but the intention is to increase the
> > number of students and beginners who can attend Pycon and get something
> > useful out of it. Should this be on Wed/Thu, so out-of-towners can
> attend,
> > or should it be one or two weekends earlier so that people can attend on
> a
> > weekend. The former will have low attendance due to it being during
> working
> > days; the latter will be appropriate only for Pune local people.
> Focusing on the local students may not be a bad idea at all. There's
> much to do at the Pune and suburbs level and organizing a sort of
> 'preparatory' workshop before the event would probably do well.

+1 to this idea too. A preparatory workshop would probably do very well.
Python isn't taught
at the university level, and few know how to program in it. A couple of my
friends and I are
organising a workshop on python and computing, and I spent most of my day
telling people what
python is and how it is different.
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