[Inpycon] PyCon India 2012: "I am not getting what I have been promised"

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Wed Oct 3 10:33:55 CEST 2012

Atul Chitnis has a blog post about the rather stringent speaker
screening process for foss.in. I think there are things there which we
can import


Noufal Ibrahim <noufal at nibrahim.net.in> writes:

> This feedback is useful. I'm making a note of all the stuff I get and
> will bring it up at the AGM today afternoon. 
> Also, I think if we plan sufficiently in advance, we can take care of
> the issues you've mentioned reasonably well. 
> Abdul Muneer <abdulmuneer at gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I came to pycon with the expectation and excitement that this is going to
>> be the best pycon so far. Even though there is one more day of the
>> conference to be over, it doesn't look like that is the case. I haven't
>> been able to make any contribution to organizing this python, perhaps
>> considering myself not to be of any match to the vast talent and
>> enthusiasts we have. But still I have deep love for Python and seeing how
>> this event has turned out, I feel a frustration that it could have been a
>> lot better.
>> Here is a listing of my general feedback, focusing on the negatives:
>> *1) Tutorial quality sucked big time*
>>    - *Tutorials require more skill and preparation than a conf talk. Few
>>    had it..
>>    *
>>    - *The stress in tutorials is for learning and it should not be
>>    compromised at_any_cost.*
>> How do we do it?
>> Accept proposals only from those who are known to be good presenters.
>> Perhaps they should have presented a couple of talks in other events.
>> And/Or pull in great people whom we know and get them conduct few sessions.
>> One session that I attended was so much boring that people will leave that
>> session with their love for that topic diminished. This is in spite of that
>> person having tons of experience in that field.
>> We do not want such people in tutorial. They can present a conf talk on
>> some work they have done, but not a tutorial session.
>> But in contrast when another similarly experienced person took a session on
>> basics of Python, it was admirable and people clapped with appreciation. We
>> want more of such people.*
>> *
>> *2) Setup was embarrassing.
>> *
>>    - *Internet*
>>    - *AV setup*
>>    1. Just how many times did the default mic work perfectly? Either issues
>>       with volume, or feedbacks, or they may have to change to hand mics etc..
>>       2. Issues with connecting laptop to projector
>>       3. Power failure/ display going blind.. happened in Nick's talk on
>>       python 3.3*
>>       *
>>    - *Acoustics*
>>    1. The halls and classrooms had echo.*
>>       *
>> *3) Talks*
>>    - *Should be charming.*
>> On Day 1 I could attend an awesome session on "Automated data analysis with
>> Python" by Anand S. Wish all talks were that charming as against a) just
>> reading out the slide or b) just typing the code and speak out what he is
>> typing.
>> 4) *Tight schedules*
>> Where is the time for lightning talks, hallway chats? Perhaps we should
>> have just 3 parrallel classes and 1.5 hour per sessions. One class always
>> should be in the main hall.
>> e.g.: Python 3.3 features were not covered in one hour as time was
>> insufficient. Some other speaker felt one hour is too short to tell
>> anything meaningful in his topic so he ended his talk in half an hour or
>> so. I think the schedule was fixed after the topic was submitted. Probably
>> we should fix a format up front so that those who plan to submit anything
>> can plan around that.
>> The general feeling that I have can be summed up in one sentence - "I am
>> not getting what I have been promised". We had superstars like Jacob,
>> David, Nick. We had a handsome list of sponsors. But did the conference
>> raise to expected high level? It hurts when young people like fresh
>> graduates working in startups, people from other languages who are curious
>> to python etc leave with disappointment.
>> Last year was my first PyCon and that was an exciting experience. The
>> keynote address was a rockstar performance from Raymond the speeches were
>> good in general. My excitement made me pull in my wife, brother and friends
>> to this year's pycon. I am already receiving the flak. Let's hope Day 2
>> will make up for all these.
>> We know the effort the organizers put behind. You guys have pulled it off
>> to this level from the brim of getting cancelled altogether. That is a
>> tremendous work. But as hard as we worked, there were still a lot work that
>> were not done. Let's start today itself and prepare for an awesome,
>> admirable event next year.
>> Regards,
>> Abdul Muneer
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