[Inpycon] Minutes of meeting - 4th Oct, 2012 at Khosy

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   We had meeting in khosy's at 7:30 on 4th Oct, 2012 and had discussion 
about PyCon India 2013, during the discussion we forgot to order the 
soup :-(. Following people were present

  * Anand
  * Noufal
  * Vijay
  * Jnana Sagar
  * Sreekanth
  * Devi
  * Kracekumar

Discussion was mainly focussed on selection process for talks, 
tutorials, how to engage student community, volunteers, venue, 
sponsorship amount etc ...

  * Minutes of the meeting *

  * Provide certificate to students/ volunteers. This may encourage
    students to attend tutorials & talks which can be latter produced in
    college for adjusting attendance of labs if required etc ...
  * Send Posters to college in 2 months advance.
  * Conduct Python workshop during college tech fest as part of
    spreading awareness of Python through IPSS.
  * Clearly mention in posters, PyCon India is pure volunteer effort and
    need volunteers.
  * Shortlist all possible venues in bangalore and compare the price.
    Venues can be private convention hall, 5 star hotel, College auditorium.
  * Deadline for venue finalisation is January.
  * Decide on the sponsor kit.
  * All volunteers who are coordinating speakers should have all
    speakers phone no, photo, twitter handle to contact them.
  * First timers are not allowed to present tutorials.
  * Process for selecting speakers has to be strict. First short list
    all speakers and provide two weeks of time for speakers to upload
    the presentation and finalise the talk.
  * Keep a separate volunteer to take care of lighting talks.
  * During tutorial day it should be assumed INTERNET is not reliable.
    Volunteers are supposed to handover few pen drives to speakers for
    distributing materials.
  * Expectation from volunteer is high, volunteer cannot attend any talks.
  * Special ticket price for students at early bird ticket.
  * If possible try to find Indian Keynote speaker, speaker needn't be
    Python contributor for example PyCon US 2012 keynote speaker was
    Paul Graham who is known for Y Combinator.
  * If sponsors company strength is less than 20, 50% discount will be
    given on sponsorship amount.
  * There is no hard slab in number of gold and silver sponsors.
  * Lanyards will have * only Python * logo.
  * Hat or t-shirt will be given to volunteer to distinguish from

Since we ran out of time, we dint get time to decide on website launch.

Thanks & Regards
"Talk is cheap, show me the code." -- Linus Torvalds

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