[Inpycon] Minutes of meeting - 4th Oct, 2012 at Khosy

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Fri Oct 5 08:35:00 CEST 2012

> Discussion was mainly focussed on selection process for talks, tutorials,
> how to engage student community, volunteers, venue, sponsorship amount etc
> ...
>  * Minutes of the meeting *
>    - Provide certificate to students/ volunteers. This may encourage
>    students to attend tutorials & talks which can be latter produced in
>    college for adjusting attendance of labs if required etc ...
>    - Send Posters to college in 2 months advance.
>    - Conduct Python workshop during college tech fest as part of
>    spreading awareness of Python through IPSS.
> Wondering out aloud, should we consider having an EduPy
conference separately that will cater to students and education ? I know
this is borderline ridiculous, but this way we can up the quality at PyCon
India and still manage to bring in students into the community at large in
a layered fashion. There are a lot of student volunteers who can run the
show, provided a few of us here are ready to show solidarity.

> First timers are not allowed to present tutorials.

Consider getting the Keynotes to run a tutorial session themselves. I have
seen PyCon APAC do that successfully and i think thats a model we can try
to emulate.

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