[Inpycon] Minutes of Meeting - 29th Sept, 2013 at Copper Chimney

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Wed Oct 2 20:12:47 CEST 2013

*Attendees: * Anand C ,  Noufal Ibrahim ,  Niraj , Krace Kumar , iliyas
 shirol, Rahul Ravindran ,Devi ,Haris Ibrahim,    Kingsyl John,    Vijay

*Minutes Of Meeting:*

   1. *Website/Branding/Theme/Venue*
   1. Branding/Theme and Website for Next year  (ETA: December)
      2. Need to look new admin for pycon india server and websites to help
      Anand C.
      3. Book Venue and finalize dates ( Have started thread on this to
      discuss )
      4. Create Multiple page Website instead of one page.
      5. Backdrop should have PyCon India logo down as video will be down.
      6. FAQ page need to be added.
   2. *  General*
   1.  Work on PyCon India Handbook (
      https://github.com/pythonindia/pyconindia-handbook)  to capture the
      details  (ETA: November end)
      2.  Contact Point Kit did not work as expected due to which few
      sponsors were not happy , so we need to check for better reliable option
      for next year.
      3. T-shirt Ticket  template had T-shirt  size selection which
      confused participant that every workshop has one T-shirt , so need to
      change template to avoid confusion as T-shirt were for only
conference not
      for workshop.
      4.  Last one month of Conference we should concentrate on execution
      only then discussing new thing/plan .
      5.  Plan for Female participant  who attend from outside Bangalore(
      Accommodation, travel , food and any other needs)
      6.  Buy  USB Presentation Remote Clicker Pen (if possible)
      7. Need to make workshop and conference ticket different to avoid
      confusion of dates and other stuff on tickets.
   3.  Committee/ Documentation
      1.  Increase number of members in program committee , presently we
      have 5 members .
      2.  Create Policy document for Partner, Volunteer, Selection process
      to make it more transparent.
      3.  Create guidelines document for Presentation preparation.
      4.  Need to plan for open CFP soon and provide at least one month
      time for speaker to prepare PPT.
      5.  Every accepted proposals PPT  slides has to be review by program
      committee member to avoid embarrassing moment.
      6.  Lighting talk registration has to done so participants know
      talk information.
      7.  Open space need to better published and* *co-ordinator name need
      to know well before so participants  who are interested to conduct
      workshop/talk  can contact  co-ordinator.
   4.  Volunteers
   1. Discussion with sponsor should be end-to-end done by
      any one volunteer instead of multiple volunteer to avoid confusion.
      2. Need to do better volunteer management .
      3. Few Volunteers were upset  as core organizing team member did not
      help them when required , We need to plan thing better to avoid this
      for next year.
   5. *Society*
   1. * We need to form a plan on getting user engagement from PSSI
      members. suggestion to have AGM  to be conducted 6 months after PyCon
      of previous year.*
      2. *Closing IPSS - We need to list the steps to do this.
      3. Plan to trademark PyCon India.

Please add any point if missed anything.

With Thanks
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