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Dear All,

I have been very quiet for a while now for the reason that I was traveling.
Now that I am in Bangalore again, I think its time I spoke.

Regarding the website design, I think it should be handled by volunteers
rather than design firm. For the only reason, we are trying to encourage a
new breed of organizers who will in in turn take this forward. Since we are
in early this time, we can have a choice. If nothing works out, the last
option will be to run to design firm. The issue is not about money or
putting a good facade for others to see, but to see local young talent get
the opportunity to showcase their talent and get them involved. Imagine
saying something, This entire design was done by self motivated volunteers.
it may not be the best but it is our work. Wok that came out of passion.

I am also suggesting that we keep the option open for running to a nearby
design shop. Not to be wholly closed on that aspect either.

So its +1 for vijay's idea.

Warm regards,

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 8:47 PM, Anand Chitipothu <anandology at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 7:55 AM, vijay <vnbang2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Let me start engaging them and see how it goes.
>> If  other have contact of other designer company who can help with
>> website please do  share contact.
>> With Thanks
>> Vijay
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>> +1 It's best to hire a good design firm/individual and give the job to
>> them. The visual quality of the logo, over all visual theme of the
>> event is better when designers puts thought into it and usually
>> experienced designers are the right people for the job. Whomsoever is
>> going to evaluate / hire the designer have a look at
>> http://bearddesign.co/ portfolio. They have good skills.
> I spoke to beard design for designing PyCon India 2013 and felt they were
> more expensive.
> I would like to suggest Arpan Chinta, who designed
> http://rubyconfindia.org/2013/. He conducts Responsive web design
> workshops with HasGeek and  I've attended the workshop myself. It was just
> awesome.
> I've tried at get him to design PyCon India 2013, but he was not available
> in such short notice. It would be great to have him design the website.
> Anand
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