[Inpycon] Feedback for 2014 website design

Pratyush Mittal pratyushmittal at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 08:52:17 CEST 2013

Thanks a lot everyone for the feedback.

> From: Baiju M <baiju.m.mail at gmail.com>
> This is a great design !
> The movement of the picture is really required ?

Thanks Baiju for the appreciation.

Since I was drawing the artwork from scratch,
I thought that parallax effect might be an
interesting concept to experiment with and
learn about.

This library got me extremely excited:

In this the parallax effect will also work on
mobile devices based on motion.

I agree, that for the a simple conference
page, it can be overkill.

> From: atul jha <koolhead17 at gmail.com>
> Good work Pratyush.

Thank Atul.

> From: Noufal Ibrahim <noufal at nibrahim.net.in>
> I'm not a design expert so my comments are
> to be taken with a few bags
> of salt.
> It looks very nice but it's very generic.
> Like a stock theme. There's no
> Python/conference specific stuff in there.

Thanks Nouful for the honest feedback. I
agree that it looks mostly generic as it was
a quick prototype.

For navigation and sections, I mostly copied
the code from the previous years and other
pycon conference pages.

Vijay suggested to primarily focus on the
basic theme (the artwork) to see if the thing
can be worked out.

> From: Vaikuntham Jagannath <vjagannath09 at gmail.com>
> The design looks nice.But  the navigation
> can be improved.For Eg: Once i
> click on Sponsors, there is no intuitive way
> to go back up.

That is a good idea Vaikuntham. Recently saw
a good design where double clicking on
background takes to the top.

I will try to implement that effect in next
few commits.

Thank Vaikuntham for the appreciation.

> From: Tarashish Mishra <sunu0000 at gmail.com>
> Visited the site on a nexus 7. The site
> does not have a perfectly
> responsive design.

Hi Tarashish, yeah, the design is not
responsive yet. There are no grids, bootstrap
or multiple css. I was working on a quick
prototype and this is hardly 100 lines of

I am sure with the support of volunteers, we
can even get it kicking on IE6 :). [Provided
we like the design itself]

> From: Bibhas Ch Debnath <me at bibhas.in>
> Agree with Noufal. When there is an artwork
> on the website, it needs to be
> greatly related to the subject.

Hi Bibhas, thanks for the support and

I have added the artwork file (inkscape
svg) to the package:

I will confess that I am really bad at
illustrations, but can make "inspired" stuff
from given designs. So if you can provide a
link to few good artworks and designs, I will
to squees some ideas out of them :).

> Using css3 effects are dazzling, but
> unrelated here. And I'd make few changes in
> the structure of the site. The boilerplate
> used is too generic, there
> could be better use of the empty spaces.
> Plus not responsive.

Yeah, I agree. Have answered few of them in
above replies.

[Basically was a quick prototype, and
parallax experiment motivated me into this.
It can be done away with to make the website
simpler and faster].

> This can work after few iterations. If
> possible I'd like to stay in the loop.

Sure Bibhas, that would be awesome.

It is a brilliant project and has already tought
me a lot of things including parallax
working, github gh-pages, a lot of inkscape,
some vector magic etc.

Thanks again everyone.

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