[Inpycon] Feedback for 2014 website design

Pratyush Mittal pratyushmittal at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 06:43:01 CEST 2013

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

> From: Jaidev Deshpande <deshpande.jaidev at gmail.com>
> I really like the color scheme, but I sincerely
> hope that the picture of the levitating Fakir is
> just a placeholder. I think it's very
> stereotypical and inapproproate.

That is an important point Jaidev, and I missed
looking it that way.

I designed it as a monk and a geek who finds his
"zen" in Python. But I agree that it can be easily
mis-interpreted and can even hurt someone.

> From: Devi <asldevi at gmail.com>
> Going with "import antigravity" is a good idea
> but not with the fakir, I guess.
> One more thing - if your learning about parallax
> effect is done, that could be removed.

I retained the parallax effect in this one as
y-axis mouse movement seemed to enhance the
anti-gravity affect.

Another design reason of parallax was that if
someone stays a little longer on the website, it
will increase their probability of buying the
tickets too.

> From: Mitesh Ashar <email at miteshashar.com>
> The creative doesn’t show up well on 1080p, as
> it’s width is inadequate. Hence, it will not
> show up properly on Retina displays too which
> are even higher resolution than 1080p. So,
> >1080p get excluded in this design .

Hi Mitesh, since these are vector graphics, these
can be easily enlarged to *any* size. Retina
displays is very easily doable with multiple
stylesheets and export of graphics at different

This was just a quick prototype and I was able to test
it only on my desktop (1366x768).

Thanks again for the feedbacks.


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